About Tracy Dalzell

With a lifetime of working with people across all industries and everyday living in the rural sector, a combination of my skills and interests in the form of a new career in rural property sales seems like a logical next step.

Years of experience in property management both in the Far North and Whangarei were the root of a natural progression into sales for me. I always wanted to sell. Having gained excellent communication and negotiation skills has stood me in good stead when it comes to building relationships with a vast variety of people.

Time also spent in resort management helped foster these skills. Born and raised on my parent’s sheep and beef farm, I demonstrate grass roots, reliability and a strong work ethic. Country runs in my blood.

Now a lifestyle owner in Whangarei, I am largely involved in equestrian activities where I am an avid member of Northland Hunt and a keen show jumper, traveling throughout the country to do both.

On becoming qualified, Bayleys stood out to me through their people and professional approach to ensuring those representing the brand are well equipped and supported to do the job.

I take incredibly seriously the responsibly that comes with understanding and promoting our vendors greatest assets, my communication and team approach ensures that those properties entrusted to me are sold for the best possible price in the best possible time.


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